You can easily access your program materials and download them to your Android devices

There are two options for this.

Option 1 [With a computer/laptop]: You can download the files to your desktop computer or laptop, connect your device by USB and transfer the files across.

Option 2 [No computer/laptop required]: Here is the step by step process to make it easy for you.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, search and download a free app called Downloader (

  2. After you have installed the app, open it up and go to the built in website browser. Just select Browser in the left hand menu. To access your Law of Attraction program(s) type into the website browser the following website address:

  3. You will reach a login page, enter your email address and password to proceed.

  4. Via the menu (the 3 horizontal lines) found at the top right of the page, press to expand. The menu items will now be visible. Navigate to the chosen page and press the Download file button (this example shows downloading an audio file, MP3 and the same process works for all file types).


  5. You will be prompted to start the download by selecting Download. The file will then download. When this has begun you are given the option to Go To The Downloads. Then select Downloads from the left hand menu.


  6. Once your download is complete it will say Finished. You can then click on the file and a play button will appear (if this is an audio file download). You can pause this at any time.

  7. Downloading a PDF ebook is a the same process as for the MP3 file. Just chose the PDF file to download and follow the above steps. Once the download is complete you can open the PDF just as you would the MP3.